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Genre: Horror

Total Running Time: 17:29

Format: 2k/2:39:1/23.98fps/5.1 Surround Sound

Logline: An unbeliever returns to his old religious community, only to find that they have fallen prey to a sinister monster that they believe is the Holy Spirit of God. 

Starring Christopher Dietrick, Chloe Baldwin, Tony Gaeta, & Bries Vannon

Written & Directed by Jesse Aultman
Produced by Bryce Ferendo, Robin Wang & Angus Yates
Cinematography by Jonathan McCormack
Production Design by Joy Tan
Edited by Marie Lessel
Original Music Composed by Ethan Harbour 

Special Effects by Patrick Bradberry 
Production Sound by Yorkson Liu & Vincent Essid
Sound Design & Editing by Bunthoeun Real

Sound Mixing by Yorkson Liu

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Jesse Parker Aultman
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